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ICM, based in Barcelona, Spain, specializes in technology consulting and IT services with the aim of partnering to find the best technical solution for each client’s needs. The company understands each specific client scenario and provides the best IT services solutions that can be transparently integrated with each client's business.

Since 2005, ICM has offered hosting services, from the “golden age” of colocation servers to today’s multi-cloud based IT environments, the company has worked to deliver the right multi-tenant solution. The company uses a Nutanix production cluster as the foundation to help migrate from physical servers to VMs. External backups had been stored in dedicated storage arrays and on cloud storage.

With more production workloads being run on Nutanix, ICM needed a backup and recovery solution that was tightly-integrated and that provided the same ease of use and speed that they experienced with Nutanix Enterprise Cloud.


“The right IT solution plays a very important role in our company, and after testing various solutions there was no doubt, it was love at first sight with HYCU,” said Ricard Forn, CIO at ICM.

Before using Nutanix, ICM’s production clusters were 100% based on VMware. Forn noted, “Thanks to HYCU we were able to quickly integrate with all our existing storage arrays and were able to add cloud backups simultaneously. This helped us minimize the need for additional infrastructure investments as well as unnecessary hardware maintenance while also helping us avoid keeping second backup copies in other areas of the main data center or remote data centers.”


Time Savings: Since introducing HYCU, time dedicated to general management was reduced by almost 50%. This allows ICM to dedicate time and freed up resources to tackle other client tasks and projects, and less on managing its own IT infrastructure and backup environment.

Cost Savings: Choosing HYCU has also resulted in significant cost savings compared to its prior solution. “For our “continuity” option, there was a variable cost for each VM under Nutanix, and ICM as a service provider had many VMs formed for very few CPUs and RAM. Licensing by socket is far more flexible and allowed us to be more profitable at the same time,” Forn said.

Azure Native: Also, prior to using HYCU, ICM was unable to use cloud as a backup repository very easily. They had to use appliances and gateways. With HYCU, ICM only needs a storage account at the Cloud Storage Provider. “It’s much easier now,” said Forn. “And, the integration with Azure Cloud is fantastic.”

Support: ICM noted HYCU’s support and partnership from the very beginning. Forn mentioned, “We felt more valued as clients. We know that we are not a large company, but having such personal touch by so many at HYCU to provide demos, and resolve any open items, made life so much easier.”

“Our experience with HYCU has been fantastic! HYCU offered the best price-performance ratio of any backup and recovery software for Nutanix.” – Ricard Forn, CIO, ICM

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