HYCU Provides Industrial-strength Backup for Steel Products Company


Steel and Pipes, Inc. is the largest locally owned industrial products supplier in Puerto Rico. From structural steel and welding equipment to pipes, valves and fittings, it has been the go-to source for customers across Puerto Rico and the Caribbean since 1979. The family-owned business combines sophisticated technology with a high level of personal service.

In 2017, rapid growth was straining the resources of its VMware environment. To reduce complexity and cost, IT Director Hector Maldonado steered the company toward a hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI). Following an evaluation of three solutions, he chose Nutanix due to its simplicity and flexibility. However, his legacy backup and recovery vendor didn’t support Nutanix at the time, leaving Maldonado searching for a solution as simple and reliable as Nutanix itself.


Maldonado’s Nutanix representative recommended he take a look at HYCU. “It looked very simple. And HYCU is native to Nutanix, which was very attractive,” Maldonado explains, adding that with just two IT professionals on staff (including himself), ease of management was a priority.


Simplicity - Maldonado likes the ease with which he can set up and manage backups in HYCU. “The way the system creates backups, detects machines and displays it all on screen is exemplary,” he says. “It gives me joy to see how easy you can see your systems and how fast you can select them and create a backup with HYCU.”

Efficiency- HYCU enables Steel and Pipes to take full advantage of their resources. “We count every dollar, so we only add storage when it’s needed. HYCU allows us to put different targets in different places and use them as a direct backup or as an archive,” Maldonado says. “And the transfer time is fast, limited only by our Internet connection speed.” 

Support - Maldonado has high praise for HYCU support, which has been exceptionally responsive, professional and helpful. “I feel the HYCU person on the other end of the line is my friend trying to help me do something. That’s very valuable,” he says, noting that HYCU support professionals actually review the logs to avoid wasting time and solve issues faster. “Other companies often don’t do that.”

Close Quote:

“I feel the HYCU person on the other end of the line is my friend trying to help me do something. That’s very valuable,” Hector Maldonado, IT Director Steel and Pipes, Inc.


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