US Tax Collector Enhances Data Availability with HYCU and Nutanix


Located in Cape Coral in Southwest Florida on the Gulf Coast, the Lee County Tax Collector’s Office is focused on achieving financial accountability and delivering operational excellence for citizens in the county.


The Lee County Tax Collector’s Office was using a backup and recovery solution for its existing VMware deployment. Given the sensitive nature of the data stored, ensuring its security and availability are critically important elements for the organization.

While it maintains its backups on a four-month cycle, the Tax Collector’s Office needed a more effective way of managing the space required to do so. It has approximately 50 virtual servers and replicates backups and virtual machines (VMs) to an offsite disaster recovery location.

“From what we saw, the HYCU and Nutanix approach would deliver the greatest benefits in terms of our particular requirements. It was a powerful solution that delivered most of the functionality of VMware, but with the added benefit of no ongoing costs,” said Ron Joray, ITS Assistant Manager, Lee County Tax Collector Office.

After hearing about the benefits Nutanix and HYCU were delivering to organizations, Joray approached partner Alturna-Tech for a demonstration.


Using its in-house custom applications and HYCU, the Tax Collector’s Office was able to improve the time it took to search for tax records from 12 seconds to 4 seconds. When searching records, time is of the essence, so the efficiency improvements for the organization in addition to this capability have been significant.

HYCU has enabled the organization to restore data from its latest backup within seconds, thus delivering even greater efficiency benefits.

With HYCU, the Lee County Tax Collector Office is now able to maintain its 50 individual servers and all the related infrastructure with a limited number of resources.

Close Quote:

“Upgrading our backup environment with HYCU and Nutanix was a no-brainer. From implementation through using the solution daily, Nutanix has made everything so much easier for us.”

Ron Joray, ITS Assistant Manager, Lee County Tax Collector Office