Monitoring for IT managers: What’s important?


If your monitoring solution is used only by your monitoring professionals then you’re missing what’s really important.

There are a number of benefits that any monitoring solution must meet for monitoring professionals but also for all the teams connected with application delivery.

A good monitoring solution must, in its essence, be a communication tool.

For IT managers, monitoring must contribute to full control over application delivery and the overall management of datacenter operations.

Not having full control is just like not having any control and not having any control is the worst situation possible.

With increased business dependence on applications and security threats, a single blind spot can become the point of failure and impose incredible costs for any company.

Good monitoring solutions are designed with IT managers in mind and that is how we designed our SCOM management packs.

Monitoring solutions, with IT managers in mind, must be designed so that they require minimal learning. Information needed to use the monitoring solution must be delivered to IT managers using standard channels such as self-service, easy to understand, portals.

Professional monitoring solutions, such as Comtrade Software monitoring products, are using automated reporting and self-service dashboards to enable full management control and help IT managers run successful applications delivery.

This is the first in a series of posts focused on our software monitoring solutions. In the following posts, we will show key requirements and key benefits for monitoring solutions as identified by IT managers and how we implemented those requirements in particular in our Comtrade SCOM Management Pack for F5 BIG-IP.


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